WP9 - Training and exchange of best practice

  1. Map the needs for training in relation to the key activities of EMBRIC (WPs 2-8) and match these needs with available training initiatives of the partners in the consortium.
  2. Build a supporting framework to organize and disseminate training opportunities related to the exploration and exploitation of marine bioresources for both consortium partners and external actors.
  3. Develop new training initiatives for both staff and users of EMBRIC.
Main Activities: 


Mapping and matching training offer and needs

The partners involved in EMBRIC run different ongoing training initiatives for staff and users involved in the exploration and exploitation of marine bioresources. To harmonize and more efficiently exploit this potential, this task will produce an inventory of existing training offers related to the rationale of EMBRIC. WPs 2-8 will be consulted to clearly identify the needs for specific training along the whole chain of exploration and exploitation of marine bioresources, prior to an analysis of gaps between training offers and needs.

Building an integrated training information platform

This task will deliver a large body of information about potential training opportunities offered by project partners and organized by WPs 2-8. In order to ensure that information on training initiatives reaches targeted end-users, an integrated EMBRIC training information portal will be set up and made available through the project website. Other WPs of EMBRIC will use this portal to promote their training initiatives. To ensure broad dissemination of information about training initiatives to the entire community of end-users, the information portal will be linked to relevant social media channels.

Foster the setup of new training initiatives

The performed gap analysis will allow identification of specific needs of different user communities for new training. In order to enable the establishment of new training initiatives (including via linking existing capacities), an expert group composed of representatives of all involved RIs will be established to evaluate proposed new training offers and to advise on the best suitable format for these. Possible examples of new training initiatives are:

  • Thematic workshops for the staff and/or end-users of EMBRIC allowing for exchange of practices in a specific field (e.g. exchange of TT practices)
  • Development of online training packages to promote standards and best practices (e.g. data standards)
  • Training of staff through staff exchange: mobility grants for short (< 1 month) training through exchange initiatives
  • Training of EMBRIC users on the access to and use of marine genetic resources
  • ...
Work Package Leader: 
Universiteit Gent
Other Partners Involved: 
Sorbonne Université
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Centro De Ciencas Do Mar
Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International
Université Paris Est Marne La Vallée