Workshop: Biosensors meet Blue Biotechnology: screening for bioactive (novel) Marine compounds

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

CCMAR will hold a thematic workshop on November 29 and 30 entitled Biosensors meet Blue Biotechnology: screening for bioactive (novel) Marine compounds.

All are invited to attend this workshop, which will include both theory and practical elements so participants have the chance to interact with biosensing devices. This workshop intends to present an integrated approach to biosensors and biosensing technologies, from basic concepts to innovative technologies and case studies illustrative of the potential of biosensors for Marine Biotechnology and Blue Economy.
Contributions from PhD students and junior researchers* working in the field of Marine Biotechnology and Biodiscovery of Marine based compounds are welcomed, and can contribute to potential applications and projects within the EMBRIC consortium.
This workshop is within the framework and objectives of WP3 and is interconnected with other WPs, to build and provide access to resources and technologies, to improve the throughput and efficiency of workflows for discovery of novel marine products.


The workshop will present as invited speakers:

  • Professor Deborah Power
  • Professor Fabio Biscarini (UNIMORE)
  • Professor Henrique Gomes (UAlg)
  • Professor Ilya Reviakine (University of Washington)
  • Dr Lucas Traxler (Dynamic Biosensors Gmbh)
  • ...

that will share their knowledge and experience providing an integrated perspective of Biosensors (from concepts to appications and technologies) in subjects as:

  • Biosensors and biosensor potential for Blue Biotechnology
  • Bioelectrical tranducer devices;
  • Drug delivery and bioactive molecular screening;
  • Biomolecular interaction analisys;
  • Cell based sensors and technologies;
  • Piezoelectric sensors;
  • Electrical switchable nanolevers;

Online registration can be carried out at the following link:
Dedicated webpage is being finalized, but for more info, please use the following email address: 

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