Microalgae Company Forum to be launched at AlgaEurope Conference

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Press Release

Microalgae Company Forum to be launched at AlgaEurope Conference

The European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster (EMBRIC) launches its Microalgae Company Forum at the AlgaEurope conference on December 5. With Company Forums, EMBRIC strives to support the industry by raising awareness of the resources and capacities that are available within European Research Infrastructures. Promoting collaboration in maturation of new technologies and access to platforms and expertise are at the centre of initiative. During AlgaEurope, EMBRIC representatives will give talks and welcome you at booth 12 for more information and a networking cocktail reception.

The EMBRIC consortium, with its 29 partners, has made it its mission to support emerging industries based on marine bio-resources – such as the microalgae sector: “Using company forums, we want to raise awareness of the technical platforms and the scientific expertise available within the European Research Infrastructures,” highlights Mery Piña, the Scientific and Technical manager of EMBRIC. Research infrastructures clusters, such as EMBRIC, link complementary expertise in biology, analytical chemistry and data analysis – the blue biotechnology community can use this knowledge to promote innovation. “EMBRIC has offered me top-notch facilities for drug discovery” says Christian Galasso from Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Napoli, who was able to test the anti-inflammatory properties of the green microalga Tetraselmis suecica on human skin tissue as part of the transnational access program.  “Approach us – we can help you with the set-up of bio-assays to identify novel bioactive compounds, we can give you access to microalgal collections and to compound libraries, and propose suitable technologies. Meet us at AlgaEurope and get in touch,” emphasizes Fraunhofer researcher Philip Gribbon, who will give a plenary talk at the conference and will host the EMBRIC cocktail reception on December 5.


EMBRIC talks & reception:

Date: 05.12.17: 11.50 – 12.50
Plenary talk by Philip Gribbon (Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort, Germany) on “The European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster, an overview”

Date: 05.12.17: 17.30 – 17.50
Talk by Francois-Yves Bouget (Oceanographic Observatory of Bayuls sur Mer, France) on Microalgae for blue biotechnological applications: enhancing carotenoids production in Ostreococcus”

05.12.17: 17.50 – 19.00
EMBRIC Microalgae Company Forum cocktail reception

Join us at our cocktail reception!

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