WP4 - Data services and reporting standards


We enable access to data infrastructure for marine scientists. Bringing together the expertise of SAMS, CNR, UIT, EMBL, HCMR and CNRS/IFB, we work to leverage the rich complement of biomolecular resources available from ELIXIR and we connect scientists to the data services they need.


Main Activities: 


Data infrastructures for marine science: Our central product will inform those in the process of setting up collaborations and planning their marine studies. Starting with a study design, we will provide structured consultancy on technical (tools, data, archives and compute) and human (curation and expertise) elements required to configure a data infrastructure that directly meets all requirements of the study and builds sustainability and longer-term impact. We will deliver the data infrastructure configurations in the form of practical set-up guides, introductions to the people at the heart of the services, and formal data management plans suitable for funding applications.

Standards to maximise value from marine science: Data reporting standards inform those generating data how to present their outputs, capturing relevant information to describe samples and experimental processes. The captured information then makes data valuable, by allowing deep interpretation and making data broadly discoverable and reusable. We will extend existing marine data standards into such areas as blue biotechnology and mariculture.

Tools for natural product discovery: Biological resources provide a wealth of potential for biotechnology. At the same time, data resources harbour deep information on natural products and synthetic pathways. Through data integration and mining, we will develop tools to inform marine biotechnologists as to the potential of the biological resources that are available to them.


Work Package Leader: 
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Other Partners Involved: 
Universitetet i Tromsø
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Hellenic Center for Marine Research
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Scottish Association for Marine Science