WP1 - Management and Communication



WP1 will ensure the fulfillment of the technical, financial and administrative management according to contractually agreed procedures. The coordinator, along with the Management Team, will be responsible for meeting the obligations and responsibilities towards the European Commission and for handling the organizational, legal and financial management of the project.

For WP1 is essential to promote collaboration and interaction with a critical number of national and international institutions, Research Infrastructures and other clusters to assure the continuity of EMBRIC beyond the project period.

In addition, this WP will collect evidence from the metrics, which monitor progress in the defragmentation between science and science, science and industry, and between science and the European regions.


Main Activities: 


Task 1.1: Scientific Coordination

Through the interaction with all WP leaders,
 the Management Team will monitor the progress relative to milestones and deliverables, prepare the reports to be submitted to the European Comission and give general support to the cluster.  

Task 1.2: Administrative management

This task covers information flow, financial management, legal management, and conflict and risk management.

Task 1.3: Communication, dissemination and outreach

With the coordination of WP1, all partners will be involve
to achieve a proper outreach and dissemination of the objectives, partnership, expected impacts, outputs and results of the project. Moreover, WP1 will facilitate the communication flow between project partners.

Task 1.4: Preparing the future

WP1 will lead a common strategy for knowledge management and protection in view of full implementation in the future cluster.


Work Package Leader: 
Sorbonne Université
Other Partners Involved: 
Universiteit Gent