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The 2nd call of the Transnational Access is now closed.

Results of the 2nd call of the Transnational Access

We are very pleased to announce the 14 accepted Projects of the second call!

Name Project Title Access Provider 1 Access Provider 2
Linda Medlin ELISA Electochemical Detection of Toxic Algae (ELIPLATE) CNR-IBIOM SZN
Valentina Asnaghi Seaweeds for Human and Environmental health SAMS FMP
Subha Arjunan Taxonomical dereplication and Identification of Antimicrobial Compounds from Hurghada Marine Microorganisms CRBIP CCMAR
Valeria Villanova Comparative genotyping and metabolomic analysis of selected Sicilian strains of Dunaliella MBA HZI
Laura Núñez Pons MicroMetOAc’: Microbiome shifts and Metabolic production under Ocean Acidification HCMR EHU
Valeria Di Dato Prostaglandin involvement into the temperature and light stress tolerance in diatoms HZI CCMAR
Grant January From deep-sea exploration to deep sequencing: The lost world of bioactive compounds DSMZ HZI
Fortunato Palma Esposito Bacteria vs Bacteria: a never-ending story HZI DSMZ
Mariarita Brancaccio Discovery of dermato-protective properties of 5-thiohistidine FMP CCMAR
Andrè Antunes Microbial Diversity and Bioprospection of Unexplored and Threatened Coastal Environments HZI DSMZ
Elena Bovio Marine fungal community inhabiting plastic polymers OOB UIT
José Luis Rodríguez Scaling up and molecular characterization of a diesel bioemulsifier produced by a marine Pseudomonas sp. isolated from Gulf of Mexico CABI DSMZ
Teresa S. Català Dark Ocean Cosmeceuticals (Doc): The Cosmetical And Pharmaceutical Potential Of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter CRBIP SZN
Mark Pickering Characterisation of ctenophore colloblast bioadhesive CCMAR FMP



The EMBRIC Transnational Access (TA) program supports research projects in marine biotechnology.
It provides researchers from academia and industry with access to Research services for marine biotech at its partner institutes (Access Providers) to enable them to carry out their research projects on marine organisms.

21 Access Providers 
from five European Research Infrastructures


EMBRIC offers access to high-quality facilities and pioneering technology platforms of 21 Access Providers from five European Research Infrastructures:

  • AQUAEXCEL2020: facilities and tools for marine aquaculture
  • ELIXIR: life-science information management
  • EMBRC: fundamental and applied research on marine bioresources and marine ecosystems
  • EU-OPENSCREEN: discovery of biologically active substances in all areas of Life Sciences
  • MIRRI: microbial resource for research and development in the field of biotechnology

Transnational Access to the EMBRIC consortium is provided to teams up to two users (User Groups) of researchers, students and technicians, from academia and industry. A User Group can consist of more than two users, but the costs of travel and accomodation are reimbursed only for a maximum of two persons per User Group.

The EMBRIC Transnational Access includes: 

  • technical and scientific support
  • administrative and logistic support
  • free use of the services and platforms to a certain limit
  • hands-on training needed to use these facilities

The Access program sponsors:

  • laboratory fees (use of standard disposables and access to services and platforms)
  • travel costs (up to 800€ per two round trip/person)*
  • subsistence costs (up to 120€ per day/person)*
  • shipping of material needed for your Project (max. 400€)
*Regarding reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs, the Access Provider's national laws apply. Check with the Local Access Officer of the Access Providers of your choice any possible exception to the EMBRIC Transnational Access offer.

Costs of the following items are excluded:

  • non-standard disposables
  • experiments required before or after the Transnational Access visit (assay development, etc.).


If you would like to access the scientific Research services for marine biotech at your own cost - that is, at full cost - then please write the Access Officer explaining what you would like to achieve. We can then connect you right away with those EMBRIC partner Research Infrastructures that -on their own or together- can best respond to your request. This way your project bypasses proposal submission deadlines and the scientific selection, and you have access to a large offer of Research Infrastructure services, including those in your own country.

The call is open to innovative projects
in the field of marine biotechnology


The following conditions apply:

  • the Project Leader must submit an innovative Project proposal in the field of marine biotechnology;
  • the Home Institution of the applicants should be based in an EU Member States or Associated Countries. ​
    Access for users not working in EU Member States or Associated Countries is limited (check the Guide for the Applicant or contact the EMBRIC Access Officer for further info);
  • the access must be Transnational
    (i.e., the Home Institution of the Project Leader must be situated in a country other than that where the selected Access Provider is located);
  • the User Group must visit at least two Access Providers member of different Research Infrastructures participating in the TA program
  • the total number of access days (working days) per Project proposal should not exceed 30 (15 working days for each Access Providers).
    Saturdays and Sundays are not considered working days;
  • The Project Leader must contact the selected Access Providers prior to Project Proposal submission to verify the technical feasibility of the Project Proposal.
    Applicants who fail to do so, run the risk that their Project is rejected because it is not feasible at the selected Access Providers;
  • Visits to the selected Access Providers must be carried out within September 1st and December 21st 2018.

More than 140 different Research services
available for your Project proposal

 Research services and Discovery pipelines

The Access Providers in EMBRIC offer access to research platforms, facilities and technologies operated by expert service staff (defined here as “Research services”). 
More than 140 different Research services for marine biotech, from biological and chemical sciences, are available for your Project proposal. 

EMBRIC also offers connected sets of Research services that enable the user to develop a marine bio-resource towards a marketable product by exploiting the expertise and facilities of the Access Providers. These connected sets of Research services are referred to as Discovery pipelines. Four such Discovery pipelines have been beta-tested and are readily available for access in the 2nd Call of the Transnational Access program. Feel free to design your own with the Research services available in EMBRIC!
You can find more information on Research services and Discovery pipelines available in the 2nd TA call at this link.


How to apply

Submission of Project proposals are now closed. We are now processing the proposals received.
Thank you for your interest in EMBRIC!


Important dates

  • 15 February 2018: Opening of the 2nd call. Start of submission of Project proposals
  • 14 May 2018 (12 AM, GMT+1): Closing of the Project proposals submission



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