The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is a distributed research infrastructure that aims to provide a strategic delivery mechanism for excellent and large-scale marine science in Europe. With its services, EMBRC will support both fundamental and applied research based on marine bioresources and marine ecosystems. In particular, EMBRC aims to drive forward the development of blue biotechnologies. EMBRC will provide the suitable research environment for users from academia, industry, technology and additional sectors.

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Access to Marine Bioresources

Practical definition of strain and chemical data requirements for EMBRIC


A workshop for the EMBRIC community to use ELIXIR data resources to manage and search WP 6 and 7 strain data and derived chemical data (especially through the MetaboLights system) is organized with presentations from Elixir chemical resources and use cases to define practical requirements.

Please note that the deadline for registration has been extended to February 20th.