Coordinating access to top class aquaculture research infrastructures is the aim of AQUAEXCEL, which will be carried out by a pan-European team of aquaculture research facilities. The AQUAEXCEL multidisciplinary team of experts work towards developing an integrated approach to link and coordinate key research infrastructures in Europe in order to create the basis for harmonizing access, joint research, and networking. 

AQUAEXCEL will provide the European aquaculture research community with a platform of top class research infrastructures. AQUAEXCEL will integrate, on a European scale, key aquaculture research infrastructures, in order to promote their coordinated use and development. Through collaboration among 17 partners and 23 facilities, AQUAEXCEL offers research infrastructures for both basic and applied research and it will provide the necessary instruments to make better tools available for aquaculture research.

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Access to aquaculture resources

Best Practices for Biological Resource Centres – Long-term Preservation, Reproductive Technology, Genetic Resources & Containment

EMBRIC will accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and promote new applications derived from marine organisms in areas such as drug discovery, biotech, and aquaculture. To enable EMBRIC partners to offer top of the range facilities and services best practices and integrated training programs need to be developed. These workshops will focus on identifying best practices in long-term preservation and reproductive technology, and current guidelines and regulations for containment of genetic resources and modified organisms.