Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen (DSMZ)

Leibniz Institute DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ)

Research Infrastructure affiliation: ELIXIR

Location: Braunschweig, Germany

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Local Access Officer: dr. Felizitas Bajerski (



The Leibniz Institute DSMZ is one of the largest and most diverse biological resource centers worldwide, comprising a collection of more than 57,000 biological resources with more than 30,000 different types of bacteria and fungi as well as human and animal cell lines, plant viruses, antisera and protists. The preservation and supply of living biodiversity with a high level of quality control is one of the main tasks of the DSMZ. The DSMZ offers extensive scientific services and has a strong research department.


Structurally, the DSMZ is divided into the areas collection, research and service. With the establishment of the additional Bioinformatics Division, the DSMZ has implemented a modern genome- and transcriptome-based research approach.

The collection area of the DSMZ consists of the five departments microorganisms, bioressources for bioeconomy and health, human and animal cell cultures, protists and cyanobacteria, as well as plant viruses.

The trans-sectoral research of the DSMZ focuses on microbial diversity and underlying evolutionary mechanisms (genome evolution, population genetics), improved methods for the access and ex situ preservation of biodiversity, and molecular mechanisms of biological interactions (symbioses, mechanisms of disease, cancer).


The DSMZ offers a broad spectrum of scientific services. These include the identification and characterization of microorganisms, fungi and yeasts and produce a wealth of informative data on the genetic and epigenetic level, DNA patterns and sequences, whole genome hybridisation, and data on morphology, physiology, chemistry. The newly established bioinformatics department provides core competences in the fields of genomics, transcriptomics, phylogenomics and approaches to data storage and retrieval.

Services concerning cell lines comprise cell culture technology, such as cell cultivation and cell culture proliferation, as well as authentication and contamination tests of existing cell lines.

The DSMZ is the national depository for microbial resources and newly described microbial species. The DSMZ accepts three different kinds of deposits: open collection, safe, and patent deposit. The DSMZ also accepts large-scale deposits (e.g., microbiome collections).

Support offered

TA-users have access to lab-space, to standard disposables and administrative and logistic support and to the services in the units listed above. This includes basic training in the use of platforms. Other amenities include an on campus cafeteria. DSMZ does not provide lodging, but hotels and B&Bs are nearby. The local access officer assists with lodging reservations.

Reimbursement procedures

Download here the guide for reimbursement procedures for travel and subsistence in place at DSMZ.
Reimbursement procedures will be specified in the User Access Contract. National and institutional rules apply. 
Please contact dr. Felizitas Bajerski ( for further info.