Access procedures

The procedures of the EMBRIC Transnational Access program are detailed below. 

Evaluation of Project proposals

After the Project proposal submission, your Project will be evaluated according to the following steps:

  1. Eligibility check 
    Received Project proposals are verified by the Access Officer for formal compliance with the EU regulations and eligibility rules compliance.
  2. Technical feasibility check 
    The Project proposals are sent to Local Access Officer of the selected Access Providers to confirm the feasibility of the Project.
  3. Scientific review 
    The Project proposals are forwarded to the User Selection Panel for peer-review based on scientific merit. The User Selection Panel is composed of international members with strong expertise in the field of marine biotechnology. They evaluate and select the proposal according to clearly defined selection criteria.
  4. Acceptance/Rejection
    The applicant is informed of the User Selection Panel’s decision via email by the EMBRIC Access Officer.

User Group obligations

Once the access at the Access Providers has come to an end, each User Group of the Transnational Access program supported under EMBRIC is requested to provide to the Access Officer ( the following information:

  1. Confirmation of Access at each Access Provider 
    Download here the "Confirmation of Access" template.
    Complete the timetable detailing the Research services accessed during the TA visit at each Access Provider.
    Sign the document for each Access Providers you have visited during your Project.
    The document (.pdf) must be countersigned and returned to the Access Officer ( by the Local Access Officer (or the Person in charge) of each visited Access Provider within 14 days after the TA visit. 
    This document is mandatory for the re-funding of expenses incurred during the TA visit. 
  2. Transnational Access Activity Report
    Please download the "Transnational Access Activity Report" template.  
    Describe herein the objectives, method, and preliminary results of your Project.
    Return the document (.pdf) to the Access Officer (, cc to Local Access Officers of the visited Access Providers) within 30 days after the completion of your TA visits.
    This document is mandatory for the re-funding of expenses incurred during the TA visits. 
  3. User questionnaire on Transnational Access
    Please complete the "User group questionnaire". 
    After completion, please send a copy (.pdf) also to dr. Mery Pina (, with the subject "EMBRIC TA: User group questionnaire". To create the pdf, use the online tool on the right column of the webpage. At question 1 of the questionnaire ("Number and Acronym of the Project"), please insert "654008 EMBRIC".

  4. Acknowledgments
    Outcomes (publications, presentations, Patents, etc.) resulting from work carried out under the EMBRIC TA activity must acknowledge EMBRIC project as follows: “The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654008, EMBRIC project”.

  5. Participation to the User Feedback Workshop
    Users are encouraged to attend a User Feedback workshop to present outcomes and experiences of their access at the visited Access Providers. Suggestions for improvements will be taken in consideration for the next Transnational Access call and to cluster facilities within the consortium. Date and place of the User Feedback Workshop will be communicated to Project leaders in due time.

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